The Most Effective Ways to Nurture Arowanas

by robert on April 9, 2013

If you want to own a pet that is graceful, extremely relaxing to watch and can keep your environment totally alive, then arowana fish could be the best pet for you.  Aside from arowana’s captivating look, they are also considered by most people as good luck charms.  However, proper arowana care should be learned prior to buying your own arowana.  It is due to the fact that these types of fish are very sensitive especially with respect to the food that they eat and on their environment.  Since arowanas are also known to be a bit bigger than other ordinary pet fishes, they have more active eating habits.  Because of this, you are advised to have great sources for their food to ensure that they are always well-fed.

When it comes to proper arowana care, you should take to mind the arowana’s artificial environment.  The tank or aquarium of your arowana should be designed in a manner that suits its breed.  If you want to make your arowana live healthy, you have to make sure that its tank or aquarium is designed in a manner similar to its natural habitat.  Because arowanas are sensitive, there is a tendency that they won’t survive if you do not take an effort to make them live in a place similar to their natural environment.  When it comes to your arowana’s tank, you should also consider its size.  The size of the tank should be big enough for the arowana to swim more comfortably.  Since arowanas are considered to be bigger than other types of fish, their tanks should also be large enough to accommodate them.  It should be large enough to make them move freely around especially when they are eating.  The tank should also come with a secured and tight cover.  This will reduce the possibility of your arowana to jump out of the tank especially when it feels bored or excited.  Such will guarantee the safety of your arowana all the time.

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